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Your OnePlus phone will soon get some stylish new looks to choose from

Your OnePlus phone will soon get some stylish new looks to choose from

OnePlus phones offer a bit of customization in their OxygenOS software. But according to a post on the manufacturer’s forum, they’re about to get a whole lot more. OnePlus has announced that a theme store will be added in the next major Oxygen OS update, mirroring similar features in Samsung’s Galaxy custom software.

Are you excited? Are you, for some reason, pissed off? Do you think your specific opinion will be useful in how OnePlus puts this new feature into place? Good, because you can tell them yourself. OnePlus is hosting an Open Ears event to discuss the addition and gather feedback on Tuesday, May 18th, at 10 AM Eastern US time. Presumably the company will show off some of its designs there, as the image above is all we have to go on for now.

Themes for various Android phones, and aftermarket applications to apply them, are a popular pastime for the platform. Since OnePlus tends to appeal to phone buyers who love to tinker, adding in support for an easy-to-apply theming system makes a lot of sense. The “store” aspect might be free (a la the Chrome OS “Store”) or offer a mix of free and paid user-submitted themes, as Samsung does.

Screenshots from Samsung’s built-in theme store for Galaxy phones.

It’s not clear whether that “next major update” will come with a sizable patch to the current Oxygen OS build, or if users will have to wait until Android 12 is ready. Considering how long it’s taken OnePlus to upgrade some of its phones to Android 11, it could be a while.

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