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You can now go to a T-Mobile store and get a OnePlus Nord N200 for free

Back in April this year, T-Mobile announced an aggressive new promotion. In an effort to get more people using its 5G network, the carrier offered to give away 5G phones to anyone in exchange for a working phone of any type from any year. The promotion will last until the end of 2021.

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To start, the Uncarrier offered the Samsung Galaxy A32 as the free T-Mobile phone. However, starting today, the company will instead offer the OnePlus Nord N200 (via The T-Mo Report).

What’s the catch? Obviously, T-Mobile wants you to stick with its service. As such, you will get this phone for free via bill credits for the next two years. If you decide to leave T-Mobile before that two-year period is up, you’ll owe the carrier whatever unpaid balance is left.

Keep in mind that this promotion applies to new and current subscribers. If you’re already with T-Mobile, this is a no-brainer: you can literally walk into the store with an old phone, and walk out with a brand new one.

Free T-Mobile phone: Good news and bad news

This phone switch-up carries both good news and bad news. The good news is that the OnePlus Nord N200 offers better hardware than the Galaxy A32. It has a better display with a higher refresh rate, a higher quality selfie camera, and charges slightly faster. However, the N200 has a weaker rear camera setup and only comes in one color.

Notably, the Nord N200 will also see a weaker update schedule than the Galaxy A32. OnePlus would only commit to one Android upgrade (to Android 12) and then three years of “maintenance updates.” Meanwhile, the Galaxy A32 will see the same update schedule as other Samsung phones: three years of upgrades and four years of security patches.

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Regardless, the idea of being able to trade in any phone you have sitting in a drawer at your house and getting a brand new OnePlus device is pretty great. As stated earlier, the free T-Mobile phone promotion will last until the end of this year, although the phone on offer could change again. As such, if you really want a Nord N200, you should try to take advantage of the program sooner rather than later.

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