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Wondering if your phone will still work on AT&T next year after the 3G shutoff? Here’s the complete list

Last year, AT&T sent out an email to its customers warning that their phones would soon lose support on its network, requiring an upgrade to a new device. Things weren’t quite as drastic as the email read on paper, but it still managed to cause a sense of panic and urgency among subscribers. As we approach the halfway mark for the year, it’s worth making sure your phone won’t be affected by AT&T’s upcoming changes to its network.

AT&T is moving ahead with its plan to shut down its 3G network next February, which leaves users about nine months to make sure their devices will still function properly. Because some older devices can only place voice calls over 3G, this change will have a real impact on some users next year — though truthfully, only those with phones older than five years have any real cause for concern.

Combing through AT&T’s complete list of supported devices, it seems like nearly every major modern release is covered. Samsung phones, for example, are widely supported, with the Galaxy S-series going all the way back to the S5 and the S4 Mini. If you’re on a standard S4 or older, you’ll need to upgrade — though since that phone first launched in 2013, we can’t imagine many AT&T customers are still rocking one. The same goes for the Note lineup, which dates back to 2014’s Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge. All of Samsung’s foldables and many of its budget A-series devices are included on the list.

The OnePlus 6 dies next February (on AT&T, at least).

LG might have shut down its mobile division this year, but many of its gadgets are still in use on AT&T. Thankfully, most of its phones dating back to 2013’s G3 are covered. That means the entire V-series and the LG Wing have also made the cut.

OnePlus 6 owners will, unfortunately, have to upgrade by February — it’s likely the newest phone left off the list, as far as we can tell — but if you have a OnePlus 6T or newer, you’re good to go. Apple and Google’s phones are perhaps the most straightforward lineup of all. The iPhone 6 and beyond will continue to work after the 3G shutdown date, while every Pixel minus the first-gen release (which was, of course, marketed heavily as a Verizon exclusive) is good to go.

Admit it, you forgot this phone existed.

While we’re at it, let’s look at a couple of weird devices you might have forgotten about that, nevertheless, will continue to work with no problem. Microsoft’s Surface Duo, the BlackBerry KEYone and Priv, Essential Phone, and yes, the RED Hydrogen One can all work uninterrupted after next year’s 3G shut-off.

You can find the entire list of phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other connected devices here. Thankfully, 3G’s death will be as impactless for most users as the 2G shutdown was in 2017. If your phone isn’t listed, however, it might finally be time to upgrade.

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