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Users are thinking twice before installing OxygenOS 13 on their OnePlus device

OnePlus is rolling out the Android 13-based OxygenOS 13 major software update for all eligible devices worldwide along with a bunch of new features, functions, and customization options. However, there are some users who think twice before installing the latest firmware on their phones.


Yes! Some users are eagerly waiting to experience the latest offerings of the OxygenOS 13, on the other side there are some OnePlus device owners who have got the newest version of the OS, but they are asking or reconfirming with the community members whether to install the firmware or not.

However, it’s not the fault of the users, as they are wondering about the stability of their OnePlus device because the OxygenOS 13 based on Android 13 is not that safe. Users are facing several issues after installing the latest update and this is the reason why users are thinking twice.

oneplus oxygenOS 13 device

oneplus oxygenOS 13 device

We have caught several users who are enjoying the offerings of the latest OS and finding it much better than the previous OS. Whereas there are also some users who are facing issues like battery draining, charging, and green, or red light emerging on the display.

Well, it’s a software update that can contain some issues, but the company keeps on fixing its bugs with the monthly patches and provides users a well-refined user interface. However, if you are also one of the users who have received the latest version of OxyhenOS 13, and not installing it, then we recommend you to experience it once.

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