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These amazing OxygenOS 13 gestures enhance OnePlus phone call experience

OnePlus has done some seamless work with the OxygenOS 13 operating system. The latest software appears with a variety of eye-catching UI elements and gestures. But something that will surprise you more than anything else is the amazing OxygenOS 13 phone call gestures. Eventually, these gestures are worth your attention.

Yes, OxygenOS 13 has dragged users’ attraction mainly for its interesting gestures and motion features. And today we are showing you some dynamic motions that will make your phone call experience more efficient and responsive. So without any delay, let’s jump into the features.

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On exploration, we find four major OxygenOS 13 gestures and motions that enhance the phone call scenarios. Consequently, using these features, you can easily answer a call, can effectively shift from speaker to receiver mode, mute the calls, and can even cut the call.

  • Lift to ear to answer calls
  • Auto switch to receiver
  • Flip to mute incoming calls
  • Press the power button to end calls

OxygenOS 13 phone call gestures

 Lift to ear to answer calls

As the name suggests, you can easily answer an incoming call by just lifting your OnePlus smartphone and taking it to your ears. The feature is quite helpful when your hands are busy and cannot perform touch gestures.

Auto switch to receiver

In this case, when the respective feature is enabled, it will switch from loudspeaker mode to receiver mode when you will lift your handset to your ear. The feature is different from the above one as it performs actions in terms of switching between modes.

Flip to mute incoming calls

For instance, a call is constantly disturbing you in your work chores. To get rid of it, all you have to do is flip your smartphone and that’s it. Your phone will enable the mute option which won’t allow any call to irritate you.

Press the power button to end calls.

Again, you can simply cut the call by pressing the power rocker beside your handset. So are these features sound useful to you? If yes, then try these features to experience a new way of taking calls on your OnePlus smartphone.

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