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The OnePlus Watch’s first software update isn’t what we hoped for

The OnePlus Watch's first software update isn't what we hoped for

When OnePlus unveiled its first smartwatch, it sounded like it would offer great value at an affordable price, just like most of the brand’s products. Sadly, the device was not only hard to find; it turned out to be an unfinished product that lacked essential features. Thankfully, most of these issues could be fixed with software improvements, which is why we had high hopes when OnePlus announced one for its watch. Unfortunately, it mainly fixes bugs but doesn’t add much to the watch for now.

In its changelog, OnePlus mostly lists fixes and improvements, with the only new feature being a mere notification app icon:

  • Improved GPS performance
  • Improved accuracy of activity tracking (walking and running)
  • Optimized heart rate monitoring algorithm
  • Enabled notification app icons for the most frequently used apps
  • Improved raise-to-wake function
  • Optimized notification syncing algorithm
  • Fixed some known bugs
  • Improved system stability

While these are more than welcome enhancements, the watch still lacks essential features such as an always-on display, proper activity and sleep tracking and doesn’t even support a 12-hour time format. Thankfully, the company stated future updates — yes, with an s — will bring these features to the device, alongside other changes:

  • Add Always-on Display feature
  • Add remote camera control of Android smartphones (Android phones running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above) from OnePlus Watch
  • Add 12-hour time format
  • Add 4 languages: German, Italian, Spanish, and Polish
  • Enable all 110 workout modes
  • Enable AI watch face

This update will be available to devices in the US and Canada first and extend to other countries in the coming days. There is no timeframe with regard to the future ones, but we’re hoping OnePlus will roll them out quickly, as it would only bring its smartwatch on par with the competition.

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