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The OnePlus Watch gets a critical feature it should have had at launch (but there’s a catch)

The OnePlus Watch gets a critical feature it should have had at launch (but there's a catch)

We had high expectations when we first heard OnePlus was working on a smartwatch and thought it would combine great value with an affordable price. Unfortunately, when we reviewed it, we found out it lacked a bunch of essential features.

However, when OnePlus announced the first update for its smartwatch, we thought it would fix some of its flaws. Sadly, it only corrected a handful of bugs without really adding new functionality. Thankfully, the OnePlus watch is getting another update, which adds the much-expected always-on display feature.

The B.48 update has started rolling out this week to a small number of users and is gradually expanding to more owners. It finally lets people benefit from an always-on watch face, which the device lacked until now. Sadly, if turned on, this new feature will reduce battery life by half, which is really disappointing. Sure, it can still last a couple of days without charging, but it’s nowhere near a whole week without being plugged in.

On top of this, the update adds a remote camera control function, a new marathon workout, and fixes some issues. It’s not much, but it shows OnePlus is still polishing its smartwatch, which is gaining a bunch of useful features. The company hasn’t mentioned what the future versions would bring but says it’s committed to listening to feedback to further improve its device through future updates.

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