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The OnePlus Media Storage app is taking up too much damn storage, and no one knows why

The OnePlus Media Storage app is taking up too much damn storage, and no one knows why

The OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro are amazing smartphones, and one part of that remarkable package that we often take for granted is that these phones come with up to 256 GB of storage — for most people, more than enough space than they’d hope to need. But now a weird bug is being observed on OnePlus smartphones where the Media Storage app appears to consume a sizable chunk of storage space, for seemingly no reason at all.

In some cases, the app will randomly take over 100 GB, which can be enough to grind your phone’s performance down to a halt. The problem has been reported by several people so far, and according to some sources, the data size seems to be misrepresented and not actually taken up by real files. However, freeing it seemingly also results in notable performance improvements, so even if that consumption is virtual, it still has real-world consequences.

Now this is a head-scratched. I’ve finally come close to filling up the 256GB storage on my @oneplus 9 Pro.

So I ran the usual Google Photos cleanup which said it’d remove over 100GB of data.

But after it was done, I’m still close to full. What gives?

— Artem Russakovskii (@ArtemR) August 21, 2021

So what gives? One possible fix includes emptying the OnePlus Gallery’s “Recently Deleted” trash folder (which can take quite a few minutes depending on how much space it’s using). As near as anyone can tell, the issue seems to be related to a series of bugs with the OnePlus Gallery.

If your Media Storage app is taking up an absurd amount of storage, and you don’t know why, deleting that folder could be the place to start. The issue has been reported on Reddit as well as OnePlus’ own forums, so hopefully developers are aware and working on a proper resolution.

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