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The OnePlus 9 is quite literally too hot to handle

Our phones get hot from time to time. This can happen when they are under intensive loads and need to use a lot of power, but it shouldn’t get hot for regular tasks. Unfortunately, several OnePlus 9 owners are finding out the hard way. According to user reports, it seems that there are some owners of the phone who are experiencing overheating problems.

This seems to occur when they try to launch the camera app. One user claims that they were trying to shoot a 4K video at 60fps, but the video stopped recording after a minute due to the phone overheating. Another user claims that their phone started to overheat when they were trying to take photos outside during the day.

While recording in 4K is relatively more resource intensive, snapping a photo in broad daylight seems like the most straightforward thing in the world and should not result in a phone overheating.

The problem isn’t just limited to the camera app either. Some users claim that their phones are getting too hot while charging, and some claim that they get the overheating warning while setting up their brand new phone. It is unclear what could be causing the issue, but it is possible that it might be due to a bug. OnePlus has yet to officially respond to the matter, but hopefully with all this coverage, they will do something about it.

Source: Android Authority

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