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That OnePlus dual-screen teaser turned out to be for a dumb, bad carrier promo

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Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event was just earlier today at 10AM ET, and although endless leaks undercut the anticipation a bit, there’s still reason to be excited. We got our first official glimpse of the new Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3, with plenty of improvements over last year’s models. There was some concern that OnePlus would try to one-up Samsung with its own Galaxy-themed teaser, but it turns out that wasn’t a problem, the company is just back to dumb and awful marketing, and you can go back to ignoring them.

8.11 10am ET

— OnePlus➕ (@OnePlus_USA) August 10, 2021

Less than 24 hours before Galaxy Unpacked is ready to stream, OnePlus announced a teaser, implying it might be unveiling some kind of folding phone at 10 AM ET — the exact time as Samsung’s event. The teaser features a new device shrouded in darkness, with a galaxy — get it? — spread out over two displays. Beyond a link to its Instagram account, there’s not a whole lot to go off of in this tweet. The device pictured seemed to have a wide hinge separating the two panels, which could have been a hint at a Surface Duo-style design, an optional accessory for the OnePlus 9 series, similar to LG’s G8X from 2019, or even just a dual-phone case joke.

Half off. Literally.
Get the OnePlus 9 for 50% OFF.

— OnePlus➕ (@OnePlus_USA) August 11, 2021

But, nope. OnePlus just tweeted a wildly misleading teaser for a terrible carrier ad-a-line promotion you can straight-up ignore. And if this is a return to the awful old days of the company’s marketing efforts, then we can both go back to ignoring these half-baked marketing fits.

We’ve reached out out to OnePlus asking how the company could possibly think this wasn’t a good idea (if not flat-out misleading), and we’ll let you know what we hear, if anything.

OnePlus’s awful marketing is back

OnePlus’s teaser turned out to be wildly misleading. It’s a half-off sale — and not even a good one.

The two screens showing seemingly new hardware just a ridiculous, utterly moronic, mind-numbingly stupid way to promote a 50% off carrier deal when you add a line at T-Mobile.

Who fucking cares, OnePlus. 

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