Poll: Which smartphone brand are you most happy with right now?

Every phone brand has its own strengths. For instance, Samsung is great at updates, Xiaomi does value-for-money devices really well, OnePlus has gone from making flagship killers to killer flagships, Oppo and Vivo are on top of the innovation game, and so on.

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On the flip side, not all smartphone makers are perfect. Many of them also have weak spots that might not make them as appealing as the others. For example, some might find Nokia phones under specced and expensive. Apple has been criticized for its walled garden approach to iPhones. Samsung too has fallen short in ensuring performance parity between its Exynos and Snapdragon flagships.

Keeping all the current plus points and problems of smartphone brands in mind, as well as their latest policies and products, vote in our poll and tell us which smartphone brand are you most happy with right now?

You can also share your reasons for backing a particular brand over the other in the comments section below.

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