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Pete Lau: Will Invest Huge Resources In the Camera to be 1st in Camera Function

OnePlus will invest Huge Resources in the Camera

OnePlus launched the OnePlus 7 series of phones in 2019, of which OnePlus 7 Pro brought the industry’s top 2K 90Hz fluid screen at the time, and it was this phone that led the development of high refresh rate display for cell phones. Although the screen has long been a proud achievement, the OnePlus cell phone in the photo performance is not as good, and this situation may be changed this year.

Photo of Pete Lau

— Pete Lau

This afternoon, Pete Lau, founder, and CEO of OnePlus replied to netizens question, “Boss Pete, I want to ask if this is all in 2021, can OnePlus make any effort on the camera? Fought a beautiful turnaround like a screen?” on Weibo, saying, “Don’t worry, no problem. This year we will invest huge resources in the camera and strive to be the first in the world in terms of image function.”

OnePlus will invest Huge Resources in the Camera

OnePlus will invest Huge Resources in the Camera

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Pete Lau’s Reply (Removed Now)

As early as last month, there was news that OnePlus will jointly develop cell phone lenses with Leica this year, to improve the photography level of the OnePlus 9 series. It is understood that OnePlus will bring you three products, including OnePlus 9, 9 Pro, and a similar youth version of the OnePlus 9E. OnePlus 9 Pro as the flagship model will be equipped with a dual 48-megapixel’s main lens, the sensor for Sony IMX689.

The information about the OnePlus 9 series is still very limited, but OnePlus will certainly launch a top flagship product this year and use it to impact the high-end market. Previously, Pete Lau had said that “OnePlus will hit a very challenging sales target in China this year – to strive to be the number one online high-end in China. We have been called small and beautiful in the past, but from now on, we will be more than small and beautiful. We are full of determination and confidence to sprint forward to a higher and broader future.”


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