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Pete Lau Talk About OnePlus Buds Pro LHDC Codec and Smart Noise Cancellation: Claiming Better than AirPods Pro

OnePlus Buds Pro LHDC Codec and Smart Noise Cancellation

Recently, OnePlus officially announced a new flagship noise cancellation wireless headphones OnePlus Buds Pro. Recently, OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau posted for the new warm-up, he said: “In the low-frequency noise reduction performance, measured down OnePlus Buds Pro is stronger than the Apple AirPods Pro“.

In other words, OnePlus Buds Pro has taken the industry benchmark AirPods Pro as its rival and successfully overtaken it. At the same time, Pete Lau also said, “Apple is a good rival because it also looks at the experience and the pursuit of the ultimate. So we anchored it and did a lot of special comparisons and optimization tuning. I believe that if we can surpass it, then our product must have reached a higher level to a certain extent.

OnePlus Buds Pro LHDC Codec and Smart Noise Cancellation

On the one hand, it’s an upgraded experience due to technological advancement, on the other hand, we also value the feeling and comfort when wearing and using it.

Here we would like to introduce the “smart noise cancellation” supported by the OnePlus Buds Pro. We believe that true intelligent noise cancellation should be as natural and senseless as breathing, just like your innate organ, which can naturally and tacitly cooperate with you when you need it.

Therefore, our intelligent noise cancellation supports scene recognition through algorithms that are smarter and understand you to match the most appropriate noise cancellation level at the moment. Let the most suitable noise reduction effect, unconsciously into all your use of the scene.

Intelligent noise cancellation, from the experience of the effect to do with the comfort, from the product concept is our pursuit and purpose of no burden.

Pete Lau Talk about Smart Noise Cancellation.

LHDC is currently recognized as the first-class Bluetooth audio coding technology. The industry is usually so arranged LHDC ≈ LDAC > aptX > AAC > SBC, you can see that LHDC is the sound quality of the “985, 211”. The advantages of LHDC are to greatly reduce the transmission delay, improve the transmission rate.

This is reflected in the sound quality to maximize the preservation of music details so that the sound quality is more detailed and rich, the listening experience is more excellent.

In the current TWS difficult to apply LDAC, aptX series limited by the chip, many market products can only use SBC/AAC relatively low-quality coding status, I think LHDC should become a TWS headset is a flagship judging standard.

I believe that after you experience OnePlus Buds Pro, you must not only feel the extreme noise cancellation effect but you will be shocked and impressed by the extremely excellent sound quality when the melody is played. This is exactly where we put a lot of effort, and I hope you will all enjoy it!

Pete Lau Talk about LHDC codec on OnePlus Buds Pro.

LHDC codec technology supports transmission of high-resolution audio at 24bit/96KHz, with a maximum data transfer rate of 900Kbps, nearly three times that of conventional SBC encoders. The high transmission rate means that the audio does not need to be overly compressed to retain the maximum amount of detail in the music, and LHDC is relatively well suited for application on true wireless products.

TWS product sound quality involves many factors, but also very test manufacturers’ accumulation, and the basic technical configuration is the guarantee of sound quality, LHDC is indeed the more ideal Bluetooth coding solution. This year seems to have not seen other manufacturers of headphones support LHDC, of course, there are chip compatibility, patents, and other reasons, but good technology or hope to be more popular.

From the data released, OnePlus Buds Pro has adaptive noise cancellation, supporting up to 40dB noise cancellation, headset life of 10 hours, including the charging box life of up to 33 hours (in the case of not opening adaptive noise cancellation). The OnePlus Buds Pro also features 11mm audio drivers, support for Dolby Atmos, and Bluetooth 5.2, which reduces latency to 94ms.

OnePlus Buds Pro Full Specifications

  • Colorways
    • Matte Black, Glossy White
  • Size & Weight
    • Dimensions Earbuds: 3.2cm × 2.32cm
    • Charging case: 6.01cm × 4.9cm × 2.49cm
    • Weight Earbuds: 4.35 g
    • Charging case: 52 g
  • Audio
    • Drivers: 11 mm dynamic
    • Driver sensitivity: 98 dB ± 3dB @ 1 KHz (Worldwide); 102 dB ± 3dB @ 1 KHz (India)
    • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20,000Hz
    • Noise Cancellation: Smart Adaptive Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode
  • Water & Sweat Resistance
    • Earbuds: IP55
    • Charging case: IPX4
  • Bluetooth
    • Bluetooth version BT 5.2
    • Supported Audio Format(s): SBC, AAC, LHDC
    • Wireless range:10 meters
  • Battery
    • Charging interface (for charging case): Wired, USB Type-C
    • Wireless, Qi-certified
    • Playtime (when fully charged)
      • Playback with ANC ON: Up to 5 hours
      • Playback with ANC OFF: Up to 7 hours
      • Phone call Up to 3 hours (phone call)
      • Combined playback: Up to 28 hours (ANC On), 38 hours (ANC OFF)
    • Warp charge: 10 mins for 10 hours (charging case earbuds combined)
    • Battery capacity
    • Per earbud: 40 mAh
    • Charging case: 520 mAh
  • Special Features
    • OnePlus Audio ID, Zen Mode Air
  • What’s in the box
    • Pair of OnePlus Buds Pro earbuds x1
    • OnePlus Buds Pro charging case x1
    • User guide x1
    • Silicon ear tips x3 (S, M, L)
    • Safety and Warranty card x1
    • USB Type-C charging cable x1
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