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OxygenOS 11 AOD Function Explained, Re-designed Dark Mode Coming

OxygenOS 11 AOD function

It was officially announced that the OnePlus OxygenOS 11 will be released on August 10. According to the time process and rhythm, you will see the new features of OnePlus OxygenOS 11 every day. Today, Pete Lau brings OxygenOS 11 AOD function on its Weibo.

OxygenOS 11 AOD functionPete Lau: AOD has always been a feature that has been crying out for attention, and we brought it to you this time on HydrogenOS 11/OxygenOS 11. In addition to the efficient delivery of notifications and updated personalized dials, we have more to think about with OnePlus’s AOD.

For example, there’s an AOD theme called “Time” that I like, which was created by OnePlus’s designers together with teachers and students from Parsons College in the U.S. for an entire semester – yes it’s our “Co-creation” product.

What makes it special is that it has a “timeline” screen, which is based entirely on your use of your phone that day. Here you can not only get a personalized interface for thousands of people but also experience how technology and art can creatively present your digital health.

Here’s a video you can watch first. Of course, there will be more to come, so be sure to check out our Listening Session next week on Pete Lau’s Weibo!

OxygenOS 11 AOD function

Besides, As a new starting point, OxygenOS 11 has some visual changes. Asymmetric design, grid layout design, magazine-like enjoyment.

The one who provided us with ideas and participated in this work was a Dutch design student named Leandroo Li Anzhu. He believes that the dark mode should not only change the background to black or dark, but should also be more layered and beautiful. Therefore, Oneplus have made a lot of adjustments and optimizations through remote cooperation to take care of everyone’s visual experience in dark colors.

In addition, this time also supports convenient functions such as timed automatic switching and one-key quick start.In this dark mode, OnePlus allow visually impaired users to enjoy the care and warmth from technology. Well, there are a lot of details to share, which will be discussed in detail at the OxygenOS listening conference.

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