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OnePlus’s best US budget phone is even more affordable today

OnePlus's best US budget phone is even more affordable today

Remember when OnePlus devices were all about beating the competition in both price and performance? While plenty of the company’s claims definitely fell into the category of “marketing speak,” it’s no secret that its latest flagship phones don’t come cheap. Thankfully, the Nord series has picked up the mantle, offering premium features like high-refresh displays and 5G at affordable price points. If you’ve had your eye on the Nord N200 5G, you’re in luck — it’s down to $200 at Best Buy right now.

As you might imagine, the N200 is far from a perfect phone. Still, for $200, there’s a lot to love here, from its 1080p 90Hz display to its long-lasting battery life. You shouldn’t underestimate the Snapdragon 480 5G, either — it’s a surprisingly capable chip, even if it’s only backed with 4GB of RAM. As with most budget phones, the camera takes a severe hit, especially since photo quality is mostly unchanged from last year’s Nord N100. 5G is also only supported on T-Mobile, but you’ll still have access to 4G cell service on AT&T and Verizon.

Budget phones often suffer from poor update schedules, but OnePlus recently stepped up, promising three full years of security patches for the Nord N-series. This sale is only good through the end of the day, so don’t hesitate if you’re looking for a great mobile experience at an affordable price. Hit the link below to grab yours.

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