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OnePlus X Hasselblad Brings Sony IMX789, Hasselblad’s Pro Mode All debut with OnePlus 9 Series on March 23

Highlights: OnePlus X Hasselblad Partnership, Sony IMX 789, 140° Wide Angle and Several Hasselblad Core Technologies For Upcoming OnePlus 9 Series

In today’s OnePlus X Hasselblad joint event, the OnePlus announced the OnePlus 9 Series, created by OnePlus together with Hasselblad, will be officially released on March 23, and the machine will debut the Hasselblad’s core photography technologies with featuring Hasselblad logo on the back of the device.

OnePlus 9 Series Teaser

OnePlus X Hasselblad Partnership

Besides, OnePlus held an OnePlus image exchange meeting today, announcing that OnePlus will enter into a three-year partnership with Hasselblad and that this year will be the “Year of OnePlus Photography”. OnePlus said that to bring Hasselblad imaging to the cell phone field, the two sides have conducted deep cooperation, and now OnePlus has established four major imaging R&D centers around the world and will invest 1 billion in R&D over 3 years to create the ultimate imaging experience, and imaging will become an important part of OnePlus’ product strategy.

OnePlus X Hasselblad

OnePlus X Hasselblad

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What is the image that OnePlus understands? Images are the tools that people use to capture the images in their minds. Behind the images are the people who record them and the tools they use. From the darkroom processing in the film era to the digital camera in the early 21st century to the new era of computational photography today, people use smartphones to record the beauty, just press the shutter, and leave the rest to the AI calculation behind – image, no more threshold!

OnePlus Image Small Goal: The perfect fusion of art and technology: In traditional photography, photographers patiently adjust the relationship between light, shadow, and color to get a good photo, and accumulate a lot of deep understanding of images. Based on this, we set ourselves a small goal – to integrate the profound aesthetic accumulation from traditional photography into highly intelligent computational photography to form an imaging system with the ultimate image quality.

When OnePlus was first established, we had a small goal: to make the best Android phone that we were satisfied with. In the past few years, we have taken practical actions to achieve the ultimate in hand feel and screen experience, leading the industry in the pursuit of hand feel and screen high frame direction. This year, we will fully focus on the image, the pursuit of the ultimate image experience.


What is the image that OnePlus understands?
Jon Diele, vice president of Hasselblad Notes on Partnership with OnePlus

Hasselblad Ambassador and famous photographer, Yin Chao, brought two special gifts! One is two photos taken by Yin Chao using an OnePlus phone equipped with the “OnePlus X Hasselblad Mobile Imaging System”. The other is a limited edition Hasselblad 907 X 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing, commissioned by Jon Diele, Vice President of Hasselblad, and presented to OnePlus. Inspired by the Hasselblad HEC camera that landed on the moon, it is a message of continued exploration and innovation in the field of imaging!

OnePlus X Hasselblad Brings Sony IMX789, Hasselblad's Pro Mode All debut with OnePlus 9 Series on March 23 2
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