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OnePlus! Why January 2023 security update still missing for OnePlus 9 series devices?

January 2023 security update still missing for OnePlus 9 series devices

OnePlus has entered this new year with a bashing start. From launching the ultrasonic handset – the OnePlus 11 in the native region (China) to sending timely firmware builds to its gadget, the company was doing good in every manner. But now, January 2023 is going to end and OnePlus 9 series phone users are still waiting for a new update, which looks like a disappointment.

Till now, the Chinese tech maker has rolled out the latest security patch to many devices. From the high-end OnePlus 10 series to the mid-range OnePlus Nord, several phone owners have received the ultimate benefits of the new iteration. However, the OnePlus 9 series smartphone users are far away from the tweaks of the January 2023 update.

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It is visible that OnePlus is hustling with the Cloud 11 global launch event these days. Thus, its major focus is the OnePlus 11 and its features, at least for now. Although the company should take an eye on the devices that are running behind in terms of firmware updates.

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Up to this point, we gathered a bunch of OnePlus 9 users that are dealing with some or the other issues in their devices. The series mainly includes the OnePlus 9R and 9RT models that are stuck with either Wi-Fi calling issues or extreme battery consumption.

January 2023 security update still missing for OnePlus 9 series devices

Such scenarios often lead users to think that the company has just forgotten about its old flagships and there is no use in buying those devices anymore. Reflecting on this statement, a user appeared on the community forum and kept his complaint against delayed updates:

“OnePlus 9R. No update available for the last 3 months. Security Patch is August, although it’s January now. Did OnePlus forget 9R?”

It’s still not confirmed when the company will push off a new iteration for the OnePlus 9 series users. At present, we can only anticipate that the tech maker will soon take a step on this matter. Till then, let us know in the comment section whether you have already received the January 2023 security patch for your OnePlus device. Or if the wait extended.

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