OnePlus ‘WellPaper’ shows what you’ve been doing all day w/ digital well-being targets

Digital well-being has been a popular topic over the past few years, especially recently as the pandemic has us spending even more time in front of screens. OnePlus, today, is introducing “WellPaper,” which is its take on a subtle, almost ambient way to keep tabs on your screen time and what you’ve been spending it on.

WellPaper is an app, not just for OnePlus phones, but also any Android phone on 7.0 and above. It applies as one of three different wallpaper designs, all of which subtly show what you’ve been using your phone for all day.

“Composition,” “Glow,” and “Radial” break down your daily usage by category including games, information/business, entertainment, social, communication, and tools. Each category is assigned a color and, throughout the day, the wallpaper changes to reflect how much time you’ve spent using apps within each category. Let’s say you spend all day playing games. If so, the color for that section (purple, in the case of my device) will be the biggest one on the screen.

You can download WellPaper today from the Google Play Store.

The wallpaper designs are completely personalized based on one’s usage behaviours,
which allows Android users to stay aware of their digital habits in an unobtrusive and visually
pleasing way. Additionally, unlike many live wallpapers, the Digital WellPaper app is not as
consumptive as other live wallpapers, as it creates a static image that is generated on unlock
rather than continuously operating in the background.

Along with the WellPaper app/wallpaper, OnePlus is also today launching a web portal that provides resources for digital wellness and promotes other tools from OnePlus that help with the same goals.

Notably, the concept at play here is pretty similar to a few experiments Google released in 2020, though OnePlus’s concept takes it a step further by showing what the phone is being used for rather than just how much it’s being used as a whole.

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