OnePlus WellPaper app creates cool looking live wallpapers from your app usage

Everyone loves smartphone wallpapers. They make your phone look and feel like your own personal device. In that spirit, OnePlus has just launched its own live wallpaper app for Android devices. It’s called WellPaper, and it’s designed to not only give you a nice new wallpaper for your Android phone, but also to inform you of your overall app usage.

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OnePlus’ experimental software division OneLab created the app. WellPaper groups your phone’s apps into six different categories (social, lifestyle and communication, entertainment, gaming, information and business, and tools). Each category in the app has a specific color. Once you install the app and unlock your phone, the app collects data locally to show how much you use your phone’s apps.

That information is generated and shown to the user in three different live wallpaper designs. One is Composition, which shows colored rectangles and dark borders, giving off a 70s look. Another design is Glow, which shows different color rings glowing in a neon-like format. Finally, there’s Radial, which has the app color categories merge in a soft tone look.

OnePlus has also designed the app to conserve your phone’s battery. Usually, live wallpapers can drain a phone pretty quickly. WellPaper only redraws the live wallpaper when you unlock your phone, and the wallpaper stays in that design and configuration until you unlock the phone again.

The OnePlus WellPaper app is now available to download for Android devices via the Google Play Store.

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