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OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition is on Sale: Brings Extreme Toughness

OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition

At the time of the launch of the OnePlus 9 Series, OnePlus also brought its first smartwatch product, and today, a special limited edition of the OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition is officially on sale with a price tag of 1599 RMB.

OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition

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In addition, the cobalt limited edition watch has an exclusive sapphire glass lens, commonly found in high-end mechanical watches, which provides better scratch resistance. The watch comes with a dark green leather strap as standard and a Viton strap as well.

At the same time, the cobalt alloy used in the OnePlus Watch is the first time in the history of smartwatches that this material has been used. It is extremely hard and has a very low yield, but it also comes with a very high cost, which is an important reason why the limited edition is priced at 1599 Yuan.

OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition

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