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OnePlus sales grew by over 300% in Europe and India in Q1

OnePlus sales grew by over 300% in Europe and India in Q1

Despite all of the criticism OnePlus is receiving for its update policy, its latest phones, and the OnePlus Watch, the company seems to be in a great state. It just reported one of the strongest quarters in Europe ever, with a 388% growth in sales and 286% in revenue compared to Q1 2020, with the UK being in the top three of the best performing markets.

These numbers are mostly fueled by the company’s latest flagship phones, the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, with them contributing to 65% of the total growth. While these are exceptional numbers, OnePlus has been growing for quite a while — what we see today is just a continuation of the trend. OnePlus phones seem to sell especially well in Northern Europe, with the brand being among the top three smartphone manufacturers in Finland and Denmark. But the manufacturer also does great in other parts of the world. The Indian Express reports that the company’s sales grew by over 300% in India.

OnePlus’ financial success is also paired with alienation of its earliest fans. The company introduced much more customized visuals with its OxygenOS-branded version of Android 11, and OnePlus has long started slipping up when it comes to supporting its older phones — both things that regular folks don’t care about as much as power users. These changes don’t seem to harm the company too much, though. The distinct software design might actually be a selling factor for people comparing phones in shops.

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