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OnePlus packed you a OnePlus 9 Pro ‘lunch’ for your first day back to school

OnePlus packed you a OnePlus 9 Pro 'lunch' for your first day back to school

Believe it or not, sometimes marketing gimmicks can be fun. It’s easy to write off brands as a whole, but some ad campaigns have completely taken over the world. Space Jam, for example, started life as a Super Bowl ad for Nike. OnePlus’s own marketing schemes can be pretty hit or miss, but its latest gimmick is cute enough to win over even the most cynical among us.

The company is celebrating the back-to-school season with some limited edition packaging for the OnePlus 9 Pro, sold exclusively through a link shared on its Instagram account. The phone itself is no different — this is the same standard device you can buy right now in its “Morning Mist” color, complete with the usual Warp Charge accessories. What’s new here is the box, designed to look like the Lunchables your mom used to buy, down to various “nutrition facts” and clear plastic windows that show off the goodies that lie within.

Who needs lunch next week?

Limited-edition packaging just in time for Back to School.

Next Week. Lunch Time. Only on https://t.co/fQzXmQTMwU pic.twitter.com/iybNLe9Tsa

— OnePlus➕ (@OnePlus_USA) August 20, 2021

This promotion feels a whole lot more fun than the company’s recent faux-folding phone. You probably won’t want to pick this up if you’re just after a OnePlus 9 Pro — after all, the fun here comes from the packaging, and if you remove the phone, you’re left with an empty shell. But for collectors, this could be a neat addition to your stockpile. It’ll be available as prizes for OnePlus Instagram followers for a limited time next week, starting at “lunchtime” on Monday.

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