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OnePlus Nord N10 getting its first (and last) Android upgrade

OnePlus Nord N10 in the hand face

Eric Zeman / Android Authority


  • Reports are rolling in that the OnePlus Nord N10 is starting to receive its Android 11 upgrade.
  • Per OnePlus, this will be the first and last upgrade for the phone.
  • The phone is incredibly cheap so it’s hard to complain about the small upgrade schedule, but it’s still a bit painful.

For years, OnePlus was the brand we all looked to for setting the bar on Android updates. The company offered stable updates at a furious pace and kept its phones refreshed for much longer than most competitors.

OnePlus previously confirmed the phone would only see one upgrade and then two years of security patches. When you factor in that the phone launched in December with the then outdated Android 10, this upgrade to Android 11 seems a bit anticlimactic.

Still, the Nord N10 is an incredibly inexpensive phone. Here in the United States, you can grab one unlocked for just $300. You can save even more if you buy through a T-Mobile-associated carrier when you factor in subsidies and trade-ins. With that in mind, it’s difficult to complain about a weak upgrade schedule.

Regardless, if you own a OnePlus Nord N10, be on the lookout: Android 11 is on the way.

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