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OnePlus Nord 2 launch date and countries revealed (guess who’s not on the list?)

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Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority


  • OnePlus’ CEO just revealed the launch details for the OnePlus Nord 2.
  • The company will launch the phone on July 22 for India and Europe.
  • OnePlus previously confirmed the phone would run on the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chipset.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a few OnePlus Nord devices. First, we saw the OnePlus Nord CE (which stands for “Core Edition”). Next, we saw the OnePlus Nord N200, which is now one of the cheapest 5G-capable phones in the US.

OnePlus will launch the Nord 2 on July 22, 2021. The phone will then land in Europe and India. Although OnePlus didn’t outright confirm as much, this announcement means it’s a very safe bet that the Nord 2 will not come to the United States, just as we saw with the original Nord.

Previously, the company confirmed that the Nord 2 will have the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chipset onboard. This is the flagship chip from MediaTek and will likely make it more powerful than the original Nord. However, MediaTek doesn’t have the same reputation for quality and updates that Qualcomm has, so it remains to be seen how fans will take to this.

Other rumored specs for the phone, though, aren’t as big of a change. We expect a 6.43-inch FHD AMOLED screen, an in-display fingerprint reader, and a 90Hz refresh rate. There could be a slightly bigger battery and a different camera setup, too.

Stay tuned as OnePlus will likely drip information on the OnePlus Nord 2 every other day leading up to the July 22 launch.

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