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OnePlus Nord 2 accidentally confirmed by the company

Back in July 2020, OnePlus announced the OnePlus Nord which was basically the company returning to its budget roots. While it wasn’t the most spectacular phone we’ve seen, it was good enough to get mostly positive reviews, and if you were hoping to see a successor, you could be in luck.

This is because OnePlus might have accidentally revealed and confirmed the existence of the OnePlus Nord 2. The company is currently running a Stadia Premiere Edition promo where if you buy a OnePlus phone, you get a free subscription to Stadia Premiere Edition. In the FAQ section, OnePlus mentions the OnePlus Nord 2 as being one of the phones that will be able to take part in this promo (reference to the phone has since been removed).

Given that the Nord 2 hasn’t been officially announced, this managed to raise quite a few eyebrows. Right now it is unclear if this is a typo since that is entirely plausible, but at the same time, is it really that much of a stretch to think that OnePlus could be working on a sequel to the original Nord?

We are only a few months away from July which is when the original Nord was first announced, so it is possible that OnePlus could already be gearing up for it. There is even a chance it could happen earlier as OnePlus is rumored to be launching a couple of new phones on the 2nd of June. Either way, until we get confirmation, don’t hold your breath just yet.

Source: Gadgets 360

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