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OnePlus introduces XPan Mode on OnePlus 9 Series smartphones with Hasselblad

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Kinguin WWOnePlus partnered up with iconic Swedish camera-maker Hasselblad for its upcoming flagship devices. Later on this year, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer announced the OnePlus 9 Series, the first smartphone with the Hasselblad branded camera.

Now, OnePlus has introduced the XPan Mode on the OnePlus 9 Series smartphones. The new XPan Mode has been introduced for the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro smartphones in collaboration with Hasselblad.

“XPan Mode allows users to share compelling and creative visual stories by recreating the classic experience of the unique Hasselblad XPan camera in a smartphone,” OnePlus said in a statement.


The XPan Mode has been designed to allow users to experience what it is like to use a Hasselblad XPan camera on their OnePlus 9 smartphones. The new camera mode lets users try out the XPan’s 35mm format, with the ability to swiftly switch to full panorama format without having to change the film.

The XPan Mode offers a different field of view that gives users a new perspective of the scenario. “Working with Hasselblad on XPan Mode has helped us recreate their legendary experience of viewing your photographs in a 65:24 format before shooting a wide, panoramic image in 30mm and 45mm. Using XPan Mode on the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will let our users see the world around them through a unique lens, and we’re very excited to see how this format will be utilized by our users and photographers around the world,” said Hsiaohua Cheng, Head of Imaging, OnePlus.

Hasselblad’s Global Marketing Manager, Bronicus Rusnickas said, “Hasselblad XPan is a revolutionary product that created a new era of imaging. It not only had the advantage of 135 frames but offered the advantage of switching to a wide format mode without having to change film.

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It was one of the first products to feature a dual-frame 35mm film camera, disrupting the camera industry at the time. Now, with the joint efforts of R&D personnel from both brands, we have been able to bring this unique imaging style and the operating experience of Hasselblad XPan to more consumers.”

Features of XPan Mode:

Two Focal Lengths: The XPan Mode offers two focal lengths, 30mm and 45mm, similar to the lenses on the original Hasselblad XPan camera. The XPan Mode promises to deliver an authentic Hasselblad XPan experience.

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Unique B&W Mode: The XPan Mode offers color mode and a unique black and white mode, by default, the viewfinder opens on the black and white mode delivering to the users a nostalgic feel of using a Hasselblad XPan camera.

In XPan Mode, the clicked image appears to be a negative film, developing into a still image.

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