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OnePlus Foldables spotted: New OnePlus V Fold & Flip trademarked

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New OnePlus Foldables launching in 2023?

The smartphone giant is on the verge of launching a lot of products including two flagship smartphones – OnePlus 11 and 11R on February 7th and is also looking to enter into the foldable race. Samsung is the biggest player here and has the early adopter advantage but OnePlus‘s parent company BBK which also owns Oppo & Vivo that have made foldable already and will look to launch foldable under OnePlus branding as well.

This makes sense because as we know the next big innovation is foldable and OnePlus Foldables could be a real thing thanks to a leak spotted by none other than Mukul Sharma. He has found that two OnePlus Foldable names have been trademarked – OnePlus V Fold & OnePlus V Flip. By the name of is clear that OnePlus looks to target both the category of foldable smartphones.

He went on to say that at least one of these OnePlus Foldable has already started in several regions including Europe as well. This is not surprising because it seems the smartphone giant is focussing on the core philosophy of disrupting the smartphone sector again in 2023, so new foldables make real sense.

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