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OnePlus expects you to hunt down clues to buy its limited-edition watch

OnePlus expects you to hunt down clues to buy its limited-edition watch

The OnePlus Watch isn’t very good. The software experience is slow and unfinished, activity tracking is lacking, and even the promised two-week battery is cut in half when you enable the always-on display. Plus, it’s just too easy to buy. You mean to tell me you just click “buy” on a website and enter your payment information? Boring. I want the excitement of “winning” an “opportunity” to buy a fancier version of the OnePlus Watch. And if it’s held through some weird Instagram contest? Even better.

OnePlus is finally putting its limited edition “Cobalt” watch up for sale, complete with sapphire glass for “enhanced brightness” and higher scratch resistance. It gets its name from the Cobalt Alloy used in its mid-frame, which the company says is a first for any smartwatch. Hardware wasn’t really the issue with the OnePlus Watch, though — it’s one of the few things going for it, to be honest — so it’s unclear who this is for outside of die-hard fans (who probably bought one on day one anyway).

But okay, let’s say this new hardware seals the deal for you. How exactly does one get their hands on a limited-edition smartwatch?

On June 7th, OnePlus will host an “Invite Code hunt” through its regional Instagram accounts in Europe. It’s not totally clear what this challenge will consist of, though the announcement post on its forums includes a clue: “it can be obvious.” If you manage to find a code, you’ll have an hour-long period on June 17th to access your opportunity to buy a OnePlus Watch Cobalt LE.

To be clear, there’s no giveaway here — you’re paying full price for the watch, even if you find a code — and the company’s announcement doesn’t say whether or not the Cobalt model costs more. If this seems like a silly promotion to hold for a gadget no one really liked, well, it is. But if you’re in Europe and looking for a way to kill time on Monday, you could probably make worse financial decisions.

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