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OnePlus Concept One; Not Just Hidden Camera, There 1 More

Onplus Concept One

At CES 2020, OnePlus brought the concept phone Oneplus Concept One. If you are disgusted with the “Yuba” and “Mahjong” multi-cameras that may appear in large numbers this year, OnePlus will now solve this problem by latent hidden rear-camera.

OnePlus Concept One Hidden Camera

When you don’t use the rear camera, you will be “stealthy”. Does the pioneering “latent hidden rear camera” brought by this OnePlus concept machine look good with new electrochromic technology.

Just before the official launch of CES20, OnePlus released the first concept machine OnePlus Concept One in Las Vegas. Different from the black body in the previous official trailer, the concept machine on the scene was designed by McLaren. The iconic combination of yellow leather and black glass is highly recognizable, and the two stitches on the back cover refer to Classic elements of Karen sports car seats. In addition, the rear camera module of the mobile phone is not raised, which should be praised.

OnePlus Concept One Official Introduction

At the same time, OnePlus applied the physical vapor deposition (PVD) process to the aluminum alloy middle frame for the first time in the industry. After 24K real gold was vaporized, it was attached to the middle frame to form a coating film, creating a jewelry-like texture.

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) process to the aluminum creating a jewelry-like textureSource 1 (in chinese), Source 2

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