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OnePlus and Find X series will be OPPO’s main flagship lineup

The future of OnePlus devices and how much freedom the sub-brand of OPPO will have has been in the gray, but not for long. Earlier today, a leak emerged that gave us a few details as to what we can expect to see from OnePlus in the near future.

Oppo will be integrating the codebase for OxygenOS with that of their ColorOS so that users can get the best of both worlds. That is the software part of it.

A Weibo user by the name Arsenal revealed detail’s on Oppo’s hardware plans. According to the post, Oppo intends to make OnePlus their new high-end product line. Oppo plans to position the OnePlus devices in the market similar to the manner Huawei has done to their P series. They intend to give all their competitors a run for their money by making camera performance the highlight of their devices.

NameCheap [CPS] WWFind X series the second flagship line, they intend to use it to debut newly developed features to see how they fare out with the users. Again they appear to be adopting Huawei’s approach to its Mate series.

Despite details from leaked internal documents that suggested there would not be any major changes to the way Oppo and OnePlus would work after the acquisition, these new details come as a shocker. But, it is understandable why Oppo would make such a move, OnePlus is known for high-end devices and they appear to be banking in on this reputation of the brand.

These changes will be implemented next year, however, since the report is coming from a reliable tipster, we will need to take it with a grain of salt until Oppo comes out with an official statement. Nevertheless, it is exciting for loyal OnePlus users to know that future models will feature better cameras.

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