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OnePlus Ace 2V camera colors captured in a few beautiful shots [Gallery]

OnePlus Ace 2V camera shots

OnePlus Ace 2V is creating a bustling effect among consumers for its minimal yet elegant look. But in addition to the charming appearance, OnePlus Ace 2V serves amazing camera shots that are just incredible and catchy to the eyes.

After the launch of the OnePlus Ace 2V smartphone in China on March 7, now a keen observer shared a bunch of camera shots, captured by the device. On the flip side, the tipster also penned down the important points regarding optical functions.

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To begin with, the tipster highlights that the phone sports a 64MP OmniVision main camera, which performs decently according to the price. On the other side, the handset uses a D8200 sensor that offers exceptional performance and aesthetics.

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This is a notable aspect, where the company took a massive jump from D1200/1300 to D8200. Alongside this, the OnePlus Ace 2V appears as a perfect upgrade over Nord 2 and 2T devices that have the IMX766 sensor with OIS function for the primary snapper.

OnePlus Ace 2V camera shots

OnePlus Ace 2V camera shots

OnePlus Ace 2V camera shots

Eventually, the results of the lens are worth praising. The device efficiently maintains the color accuracy of the image and uplifts the other segments of the image, such as ambient lighting, sharp details, and textures.

However, the only drawback is the camera functioning in low-light scenarios. As per the tipster, the results aren’t that impressive due to the lack of the OIS feature. Although, the shots taken in the daylight are excellent with crips and a perfect blur effect.

While everything goes reflective with the camera shots, a question is whether these changes will take place in the Nord 3 gadget as well. Or the company is planning something else for the global variant?

Till now, the tech maker didn’t utter a word about the OnePlus Nord 3 devices. Perhaps we believe that the manufacturer will make some sound improvements to the Nord product.

OnePlus Ace 2V camera shots

OnePlus Ace 2V camera shots

OnePlus Ace 2V camera shots


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