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OnePlus 9RT Review: Impressive Battery Life and Camera with Snapdragon 888

1. Introduction

OnePlus is special, or even different. This Chinese smartphone brand, founded eight years ago, has been active in overseas markets for most of the time and has been erecting a high-end tone.

There’s no denying that OnePlus’ strategy of going abroad has been successful, taking the top spot in India’s high-end smartphone market in just a few years and surpassing Samsung Apple in terms of share, and there are not many domestic brands that can do that, and OnePlus is one of them.

OnePlus 9RT Review
OnePlus 9RT with ColorOS 12strategy and merging with OPPO for resource integration, these initiatives show that OnePlus started to go to the mass market.

OnePlus 9RT is the first new machine released after OnePlus was integrated into OPPO, from the configuration should belong to the flagship level, to see what the difference is.

2. Specifications

Model OnePlus 9RT
Display 6.62-inch Samsung E4 AMOLED straight screen,
resolution 2400×1080,
support 120HZ refresh rate,
600Hz touch sampling rate,
local peak brightness 1300nit, HDR10 ,
10,000-level dimming, SRGB,
front and rear dual light perception, Display P3
Colors Hacker Silver, Dark Matter, Blue Sky
Size 162.2 × 74.6 × 8.295mm,
SoC Snapdragon 888 (CPU frequency 2.84GHz)
RAM/ROM LPDDR5, UFS 3.1 flash memory
Camera 50MP main camera (IMX766, OIS optical image stabilization)
16MP 123° super wide-angle
2MP 4cm macro lens
Front: 16MP IMX471
Unlock Screen fingerprint recognition,
Camera face unlock
65W wired flash charging
Advanced features Sub-pixel rendering technology, super large VC thick graphite board 11 copper-carbon heat dissipation, GPA infinite frame stabilization technology.
System ColorOS 12 based on Android 11
OnePlus 9RT Specifications

OnePlus 9RT provides hacker silver, dark matter, blue sky boundary three kinds of color, in author’s hands this is hacker silver, the machine has different color with different processes, such as hacker silver is left and right diffuse gradient texture, dark matter using the second generation of silk glass, and OnePlus 9 Pro similar.

3. Unboxing

  • OnePlus 9RT UnboxingSnapdragon 888 models use a micro-curved screen, the machine is another option for those who like straight screens, reducing the edge of the game to play the wrong touch.

    In terms of parameters, the OnePlus 9RT features a 6.62-inch Samsung E4 screen with a resolution of 2400 × 1080p, support for 120Hz refresh rate, 600Hz touch sampling rate, 1300nit local peak brightness, support for HDR10 , 10,000-level dimming, dual front and rear light sensing, sRGB display, P3 color gamut, and other features.

    OnePlus 9RT does not support high-division screen, should be and positioning and cost, but with a technology called sub-pixel rendering map, it is said that the icon and text clarity improved by 100%, should be further refinement of the icon and text, the actual perception and 2K resolution or can not be compared.

    OnePlus 9RT Unboxing

    4. System and Highlights

    OnePlus 9RT shipped with ColorOS 12 pre-installed, now most models of Android 12 are still in public beta, so the machine is pre-installed with ColorOS 12 based on Android 11, but in addition to the underlying difference, no difference with the public beta version is found for the time being.

    OnePlus 9RT User Interface
  • OnePlus 9RT User Interface

    5. Performance and games

    Core configuration, OnePlus 9RT is equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, compared with the previous generation equipped with Snapdragon 870 further upgrade, with LDDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory, is the current mainstream performance of the three pieces, and OnePlus 9 series have overlap. So there is a backstabbing, this first, to see its running performance.

    OnePlus 9RT AnTuTu BenchmarkBlack Shark 4S.

    Original God

    Turn on the highest image quality supported by OnePlus 9RT (60fps)

    6. Camera

    The camera is the biggest difference between the machine and the OnePlus 9 series, the rear is a 50-megapixel main camera (IMX766, OIS optical stabilization) 16-megapixel 123° ultra-wide-angle 2-megapixel 4cm macro lens, the main camera is improved compared to the OnePlus 9R, but the macro lens is reduced to 2-megapixel.

    In terms of features, the OnePlus 9RT has a new night eagle night scene algorithm, as well as a 100-megapixel superpixel algorithm, the specific performance to see the sample photos.

    Daytime sample

    OnePlus 9RT Camera Samples

    7. Summary

    OnePlus 9RT is a model that caters to the mainstream inside and out, completely taking off the niche label, especially at the software level, and the domestic UI to maintain a consistent pace, that is, feature-rich, all that should be there, the same for the hardware.

    Speaking of hardware, the machine is an upgraded version of the 9R, but I do not know whether intentional or unintentional, it seems to back-stab the existing OnePlus 9, which is inevitable at the beginning of the series, especially this year’s lack of core dilemma, it is easy to cause positioning overlap, I can only say a word of the understanding viva.

    OnePlus 9RT ReviewAnTuTu Benchmark by author Tangzheng.

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