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OnePlus 9 Series Display Features LTPO Tech, A+ Praised by DisplayMate

OnePlus 9 Series Display Specs

In the past two years, domestic and foreign cell phone manufacturers have basically popularized the high refresh rate display, which can provide users with excellent display effects. OnePlus, as the first cell phone manufacturer to launch a high refresh rate display, is naturally instrumental in the popularity of high-brush screens.

And this year, as a high-end display leader, OnePlus will again bring a new display upgrade. This morning, the OnePlus cell phone official text announced the OnePlus 9 Series of new screen configuration, the official revealed OnePlus 9 received DisplayMate A rating, refreshing 13 display records, with 2K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, but also has a true-10bit super billion color display, 8192 brightness adjustment, automatic color temperature sensing, and other technologies.

What’s more, the OnePlus 9 series will also carry LTPO flexible screen, which can bring a smart refresh rate and lower power consumption. According to the information, LTPO is a different OLED production technology, which has the advantages of higher charge mobility and faster pixel point response compared to the previous LTPS technology, thus making the screen more responsive and with reduced power consumption.

LTPO screen also has a major advantage is to support a high range of refresh rate adjustment, can achieve a 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate adjustment function, according to the use of the scene to switch, taking into account the high refresh rate and low power consumption needs.

In addition to the excellent screen parameters, the OnePlus 9 series this year also canceled the traditional curved display program, the overall use of micro-curved 3D design, only in the black edge of the screen area has a bend, the maximum balance of the feel of the curved and normal display effect, but also does not cause accidental touch.

Comprehensive known news, OnePlus 9 series of the screen has a comprehensive upgrade from the inside out, the overall from the form, parameters, control, and other aspects have a full range of enhancements, in the sense of touch, visual aspects are to provide a better experience, worth looking forward to.

According to previous information, the OnePlus 9 Series packs IMX789, the world’s first support 4K 120 fps video shooting, support for capturing up to 68.7 billion colors in 12bit RAW format. OnePlus will launch “Hasselblad professional mode“, built for professional users, in addition to the flexibility to adjust shutter speed, sensitivity, white balance, and many other parameters, but also through the “peak focus function” fast and accurate focus.

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