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OnePlus 9 Pro camera features are far better than many flagships in market

OnePlus 9 Pro has remained the most “in-demand” smartphone model in the market due to its dynamic camera features. The device is well-known to reflect easy and tech-pack optical functions that help users to achieve high-quality images with finer detail and extraordinary vibrance.

Accordingly, many OnePlus 9 Pro camera features have stood the device ahead in the phone merchandise. Features such as focus lock, high-efficiency image, and AI ultra-clear mode often deliver results that most flagships at present will fail to do so. To understand these features, let’s explore the OnePlus 9 Pro optical section in more detail.

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To begin with, there are four modes to click high-definition pictures. This includes the simple Photo mode, Portrait mode, Pro mode, and Night Mode. Every mode here has its own perks and provides excellent results. On the flip side, these modes are capable of finely adjusting the white balance and lighting conditions.

Are you a filter lover? If yes, then you don’t need a separate application to find a suitable slide. The main camera itself brings some smooth and elegant frames that not only enhance your images but give an aesthetic look to the overall portrait.

OnePlus 9 Pro camera features are far better than many flagships in market

The “More” option

Thereafter comes the “More” option which consists of a Panorama, Slo-Mo, Time-Lapse, Tilt-Shift, XPAN, and long exposure. While these options are specific to the images, you have movie and dual-view alternatives for recording a dashing video.

Now let’s jump into the settings section that let you select options like Hi-res, Auto HDR, Auto macro, and more. Besides, you can use the AI ultra-clear mode, high-efficiency image, and focus lock function to get brilliant portraits and images.

OnePlus 9 Pro camera features are far better than many flagships in market

  • AI Ultra Clear Mode: Capture ultra-clear portraits in one go
  • High-Efficiency Image: To reduce file size while retaining image quality, capture photos in the high-efficiency image content (HEIF). You can turn on “Convert HEIF photos for sharing” in the Photos application.
  • Focus Lock: Tap to lock focus on a subject when recording videos. The focus will be automatically adjusted as the subject moves. Only available when recording at 30Fps.
  • Smart Audio Effects: Record Stereo sound when taking videos in landscape mode. The recorded sound volume of the subject will automatically adjust as you zoom the video. This mode also reduces wind noises.

Apart from these functions, you also get shooting gestures like tapping to capture and show your palm. Eventually, these features will capture the image when followed gesture appropriately. Also, the company keeps on polishing these features with new updates. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that the respective device and its lens attributes are better than many flagship models nowadays.

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