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OnePlus 8T Display is Better than OnePlus 8 Pro: Core Specs Leaks

OnePlus 8T Display

The new second-half flagship One Plus 8T has been officially announced that it will release at 7:30 PM IST on October 14, and today, the detailed configuration information of this new device has also been officially revealed.

OnePlus 8T Display Specifications, OnePlus 8T SpecificationsOnePlus 8T also uses the front and rear two unobstructed ambient light sensors, 360 degrees can more accurately perceive your ambient light, and then with the brightness adjustment algorithm, this set down two words comfortable.

Pete Lau further confirming that the OnePlus 8T display color accuracy this time to achieve the JNCD average 0.3, can be said to be accurate to a bit “perverted”, and will still be for each (note, each) factory screen one by one calibration.

The color of the screen is accurate, and the JNCD average of 0.3. It can be said to be a bit “abnormal”, and we will still calibrate each (note, each) factory screen one by one. At that time, OnePlus 8 Pro was already at the top of 0.4. On this basis, even a slight increase in difficulty is quite large, as if you have to test from 98 to 99, you all know that.

Pete Lau

JNCD is one of the important indicators to measure the color accuracy of the screen, we can understand as “chromatic aberration” or “color accuracy”, will directly affect the user’s visual perception experience.

Not only that, but the OnePlus 8T will also bring a 120Hz AMOLED straight screen. Pete Lau stressed that the OnePlus 8T direct screen is made of flexible screen material, its advantages are better to display, higher parameter limits, more comfortable color performance, and so on, and of course, higher cost. What’s more, the OnePlus 8T is made of flexible screen material to make a straight screen another reason is that the whole module can be lighter than the hard screen about 10g.

OnePlus 8T Specifications

According to the information brought to us by Digital Chat Station, the OnePlus 8T will be equipped with a 6.55-inch Samsung OLED flexible direct screen with a resolution of 2400×1080P, this screen supports a refresh rate of up to 120Hz and a sampling rate of 240Hz, and uses COP packaging technology, which is expected to significantly reduce the bezel part of the chin of the screen.

The processor of choice remains the Snapdragon 865 with an 8GB 128GB storage combo, with a 16MP front camera and a 48MP primary 16MP 5MP 2MP quad-camera lens combo at the rear, which makes the standard version of the OnePlus 8T feel a bit unfair to the masses, as you can see there’s still a 2MP improvised lens. The 4500mAh battery, support 65W wired fast charging, body size 160.7mm x 74.1mm x 8.4mm, weight 188g, the weight is under control.

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