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OnePlus 7 Pro 12GB Version Appeared on Geekbench

According to previous official news, one plus 7 will be the first to appear in New York, London and Bangalore on May 14, and will be officially released on May 16 at the Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing. .

According to the previous exposure news, one plus 7 series will provide two versions, namely the flagship one plus 7 and the super flagship one plus 7 Pro, both will be equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor, supporting screen fingerprint recognition. The former will use a 6.2-inch water-drop full-screen design, followed by a vertical double-shot.

One plus 7 Pro rear three cameras. According to the previous Max J’s breaking news, one plus 7 Pro rear three-shot parameters are 48 million pixels (OIS, F / 1.6), 8 megapixels (3x optical zoom 10 times digital zoom, F / 2.4) and 16 megapixels wide angle (117 degrees).

Recently, on Geekbench 4, a 12GB large memory version of the one plus 7 Pro running sub-exposure was used, with a single core running 3504 points and a multi-core 11159 points, which is in line with the Snapdragon 855 level.

OnePlus 7 Pro Geekbench

OnePlus 7 Pro Geekbench

OnePlus 7 Pro Geekbench
OnePlus 7 Pro Geekbench

According to the news, the configuration of the higher one plus 7 Pro will use 6.64 inch 2K resolution without bangs water-free curved screen design, refresh rate of 90Hz, equipped with lifting front camera, rear vertical three shots, and will support 5G network .


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