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New Android 12 build for OnePlus 9 series apparently won’t soft-brick phones

In May, when Google announced the first Android 12 beta at Google I/O 2021, OnePlus fans were excited to see that they could install an early version of the new OS on their phones. The program is limited to OnePlus 9 phones only, but plenty of fans installed the update.

Unfortunately, that first build of Android 12 for OnePlus 9 phones was a disaster. Some users found that they couldn’t get past the “Copy Data” page of the initial setup section. This rendered the phone all but useless. In response, OnePlus pulled the update and promised a fix.

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Well, that fix is here today. The new build of Android 12 is available now if you want to take the risk. It is still only good for the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro.

OnePlus says that it conducted “careful testing and verification” on this build, which we suppose means that you don’t need to worry about soft-bricking your phone this time.

Still, installing early builds of Android such as this isn’t advisable for folks who rely on that phone as a daily driver. OnePlus may have fixed the “Copy Data” issue here, but there will likely be plenty of other problems and limited functionality with this build.

If you’ve got the gumption, though, you can install Android 12 for OnePlus 9 phones here.

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