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HydrogenOS 11 Bring Zen Mode 2.0 with Multi Person Zen

HydrogenOS 11/OxygenOS 11 Zen Mode 2.0

One plus of the hydrogen OS 11 will be held on August 10 release of things have been official yesterday, according to the time flow and rhythm, then will see every day about one plus hydrogen OS 11 new features, today, Liu Zuohu in its microblogging brought Zen Mode 2.0.

HydrogenOS 11 Bring Zen Mode 2.0, OxygenOS 11hydrogen OS 11 will launch Zen mode version 2.0. The biggest highlight of the new version is “multi-person zen”, after the meeting, friends get together these times, we can avoid interruptions by inviting other people to focus on the present together.

Liu Zuohu also said, “zen mode 2.0” of multi-people zen, social sharing, and other functions, is derived from last year’s 1217 anniversary of the offline theme activities. Hydrogen OS has always insisted on listening to users and co-creating with them. The new hydrogen OS will also have a lot of “user co-creation” philosophy and genes, including your constructive suggestions.

Last year’s plus 7 series added a zen mode, this mode once on is irreversible, the phone will become and brick in 20 minutes, can not do any operation, continuous use of more than 2 hours phone will have to turn on the mode of advice to remind.


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