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Hydrogen OS 11 Release Date Announced: Bring New Visual Design

Hydrogen OS 11 Release Date

The official microblog of OnePlus Mobile brought news this morning that the new version of the operating system, Hydrogen OS 11, will be officially released on August 10 at 2:00 PM.

Hydrogen OS 11 Release Date

At the same time, the founder and CEO of one plus Liu Zuohu also retweeted the microblogging and said: everyone refueling long wait, August 10 hydrogen listening to 2.0, I invite you to follow the new hydrogen OS11.

In last weeks, Liu Zuohu has been in its microblogging sun hydrogen OS a new weather screenshot, its design and the current hydrogen OS has a completely different style, from the animation effect to anthropomorphic effect, so many users of a plus a bright light, I believe that the new version of hydrogen OS 11 a.k.a OxygenOS 11 in the overall interface will also have great changes, a OnePlus user long-awaited AOD display will also be officially launched.

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