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Here’s everything about OxygenOS 13 Simple Mode

OnePlus offers several features and functions for its users some of which are very useful, just like Simple Mode. But, do you know about Simple mode? If not, then it’s a common feature that is available in every OxygenOS 13 device, today let’s discuss it.


Simple mode is a feature that is available in the Home and Lock screen department of your OxygenOS 13 device. With the help of simple mode, you can make your smartphone easier than ever before. It’s the best feature for users who operate their devices only for a particular purpose.

The simple mode will only show the default apps on your home screen, other apps will be hidden if you enable the simple mode. Additionally, if you operate your phone in simple mode then you will not be able to use functions like back gestures.

Let me tell you, this simple mode is just like the easy mode that Samsung users use on their Galaxy devices. This feature is also useful for users who have the problem of being shortsighted. Now let’s get to know how you can enable it on your OxygenOS 13 device.

How to enable OxygenOS 13 Simple Mode

  • Open the Settings of your OnePlus device.
  • Now tap on the Home screen & Lock screen.
  • Scroll down and look at the last option.
  • Open it.
  • Here you will see the Enter Simple Mode.
  • Now enable it.

Now you will see your home screen with a bigger font size, app icons, and a different layout, as you will pull down the notification panel you will see a big change here.

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