Details of new OnePlus Buds leak, could take on Galaxy Buds 2

OnePlus Buds Pro table

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  • A leaker suggests there could be a new set of OnePlus Buds on the way.
  • Unlike the just-launched Buds Pro, these buds would be cheaper but still keep ANC.
  • It’s very possible these could be the Buds 2.

However, leaker Max Jambor took to Twitter recently and claimed a new set could be in the works. Jambor suggests these unannounced earbuds could also feature ANC but cut down the price.

Check out the tweet below:

1 is working on a new – lower priced – pair of headphones with ANC. Some sort of Lite edition of the Buds Pro

I really like the Buds Pro so I am curious what those cheaper ones have to offer

Jambor’s suggestion that these could be “some sort of Lite edition of the Buds Pro” sounds confusing, but that’s kind of OnePlus’ earbuds portfolio in a nutshell. If this rumor is true, we’d expect OnePlus to cut out some of the more premium features of the Buds Pro — such as the wireless charging case, for example — and keep just the essentials.

If OnePlus could deliver a set of ANC earbuds for under $150, it would not only undercut its own Buds Pro but also the just-launched Galaxy Buds 2. Samsung’s ‘buds come in at the same $150 price as the Buds Pro, so OnePlus might feel the need to respond.

Let’s hope that these new earbuds land as something simple, like the OnePlus Buds 2. But hey, we wouldn’t put it past the company to launch them as the OnePlus Buds Z Pro Lite or something.

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