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Another OnePlus Nord 2 leak shows a red colorway could be in the cards

OnePlus Nord OnePlus logo branding

Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority


  • Reliable leaker Evan Blass shared an image of a red OnePlus Nord 2.
  • This is the first time we’ve seen the phone in a color that’s not the usual teal or gray.
  • OnePlus has launched several red phones, but not in the Nord line.

OnePlus has a very distinct branding identity that uses two colors prominently: red and white. As such, you’d think the company would release a lot of phones that incorporate those two colors, but that’s not the case for some reason.

Obviously, OnePlus has launched plenty of red phones in the past. However, the most recent was the OnePlus 7 from 2019, so it has been a while. If this leaked image proves to be true, this would also be the first red Nord phone.

Check out the image below.

OnePlus Nord 2 in red

OnePlus Nord 2 in Red

So far, OnePlus has already officially shared that the Nord 2 would land in a teal color similar to the original Nord. We’ve also seen other leaks that show a gray colorway, which we’ve also seen from Nord phones. If these all end up panning out, you might have a whole bunch of color choices for your next Nord.

Of course, OnePlus does have a bad habit of making certain colorways only available in certain areas of the world. We can only hope that won’t be the case this time around, though, considering the Nord 2 itself is already region-locked to certain locations.

OnePlus will formally launch the Nord 2 this week on July 22. Stay tuned!

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